Car Line Directions

We ask all parents to use carline for drop off and pick up. Please follow the car line map included in your communication folder. Do not park and walk across carline to pick up your child, this is very dangerous.

Carline diagram for dropoff and pick up

Changes to Car Line Protocol

If car line needs to be altered for any reason: severe weather, funeral, etc., you will be notified through the Remind App. If you live nearby and would like to walk to drop off and pick up your child please check with the office for appropriate safety protocol.

Drop-off Timeframe

In car line, parents are to remain in their cars and the teachers will help the children in and out of the cars on the side of the car closest to the sidewalk. The car line will be used for ALL classes, Two’s, Three’s, and Four’s. The teachers will be there to bring the children into the classrooms from 8:55 – 9:10. Please be prompt when dropping off your child, this sets the pace for their morning.

Late Entry

After 9:10, you will need to check in at the ECC office in the Ministries Building. If your child is having difficulty leaving you, please allow the teacher to help with separation, as prolonged good-byes make it difficult for everyone. The teacher will make sure your child feels comfortable; we will reach out to you if they do not calm quickly once in the classroom. Children will be dismissed in the same manner at 12:00 and 2:00.

Car Line Safety

The car line must keep moving for a safe and timely system. PLEASE DO NOT PASS THE CAR IN FRONT OF YOU, UNLESS INSTRUCTED BY A TEACHER. During car line, teachers will not be available to meet with individual parents. Please keep your child in his/her car seat until you come to a complete stop and your child is ready to exit the car, then you may unfasten them from their car seat. Please note ECC teachers are not allowed to fasten your child into their car seat; it is the parent or guardian’s responsibility.